Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ESL Class Blogs - A Collaborative Model

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Anonymous said...

Hello Daniela,
Really fantastic project. I was amazed by what you have posted on your blog and also to learn about your project. It is just fascinating listening to all the steps you took to make it fully participative. Your voicethread presentation of the project is great. In fact, it is a complete lesson plan of how someone could replicate a project like yours with his/her groups. It is soo interesting. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Well, Daniela I think you're a very creative person that can give crystal clear explanations as to how to go about any project with the integration of ICT tools in mind. Very clear suggestions as to what important tools shouldn't be dismissed in an ESL blog.

Thanks for sharing and opening our minds.
Mirian (Arg.)

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Daniela
Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher! I loved your voicethread explaining all the steps of the project. You have all the blogging process so clear in your presentation. It's true that when we want our students to start blogging, they take some time to move from passive learners to active learners. And it's the teacher's responsibility to make them get there.

Mary H said...

Hi Daniela,
Thank you for sharing the steps you followed to incorporate blogging in your classes. Because you gave students freedom to choose the tools they were interested in working with, they must have enjoyed the project a lot! What kind of feedback have you gotten from them? Thanks again for sharing; your blog is a fabulous resource for both teachers and students!


Teresa said...

Hi, Daniela!
Congrats! Great use of a great tool! I've added your message to our "Applications of different Tools" wiki page.
Enjoy blogging with your students!!!
Hugs, Teresa

Vicky said...

Hello Daniela, I found your blog very interesting. It is amazing how you managed to promote English learning through the use of these new tools. You video is sound clear and I'm sure it will encourage many teacher to follow you.

I'll keep a track on you.n Thank you for sharing.

Marina said...

Congrats,Daniela! Excellent use of the tools, and incredible imagination. I've learnt a lot!

pab said...

Hey, Daniela!

Thanks for pointing out the Essay Map tool that you say students can use in a single class period to organize and compose their essays. I have bookmarked it for students in writing courses next year (starting in April here in Japan), but have yet to try it out.

In passing, when you said students printed out their essays to read over afterwards, I wondered if they were unable to get their work out of the tool(s) they used in an electronic form, for example, as raw text that they could post and enhance with photos and links on their own blogs. I guess I'll find out when I try it.

Cheers, Paul