Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun Facts about Niagara Falls!

Have a look at Niagara Falls, one of the most beautiful places in USA. Although they aren't the highest waterfalls in the world, the volume of the water that flows over the falls combine with their height to make Niagara Falls exceptionally spectacular. Find out who survived a trip down Niagara in barrel, how the Falls froze almost completely one year, why they "stopped" the water and what are Niagara's best attractions.
Niagara Falls at Night

Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's learn more about the Grand Canyon

1. This week we will be learning about Grand Canyon. I have put together some interesting sites we could explore and find out more information about this wonderful site.
2. Find out what a Skywalk is from this slideshare presentation : Skywalk in Grand Canyon
3. Watch this amazing video and feel free to share comments: Grand Canyon on Youtube
4. Learn about the Indian Tribes from the Grand Canyon: Navajo People

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Atomic Bomb Testing in Vegas

How did Atomic Bomb Experiments change Las Vegas? Was it safe to watch those explosions? What do you think about that?

The History of Bugsy Siegel and Las Vegas

You know that Bugsy Siegel was the first person to build a casino in Vegas. What else did you find out about him from this video?

Wedding in Las Vegas

What do you think of this wedding? Would you get married in Vegas? Would you like to invite Elvis to your wedding?

Elvis singing about Las Vegas!

Have you ever been to Vegas? Would you like to go there one day? What would you like to see or to do there?

Dresses on the Oscar Red Carpet

Did you like the dresses the actresses wore at the 2008 Red carpet Ceremony? which one was the best and which one was the worst?

More about Al Capone - History project

This is a short history project on Al Capone - did you find anything new? Tell us what you think about this man - did he deserve to go to Alcatraz?

The City of San Francisco

San Francisco

This is a presentation about the City of San Francisco Heidi and Gabi worked together on. What did you like about it? What was new for you? Would you like to go there some day? What would you like to see there?

Alcatraz - a very interesting island in San Francisco Bay

Cowgirls - and the Rodeo