Friday, March 27, 2009

Welcome to our Food for Thought iEARN Project

Welcome to our Food for Thought Project!
My dear EFl students! Welcome to our Food for Thought Online Project ! We will be using this blog as our common interactive space to post our best pictures, essays, recipies, videos and power point presentations. Your first task for this week will be:
1) Post an introductory message with the following information included:
- your name
- where you are from
- what your favourite food is
- why you would like to participate in this project
- any interesting hobbies or special talents

We will join many other students from around teh world to study about food as part of the iEARN community - I will register you as iEARN participants, so that you can access the Project Webpage and tell us more:- how many countries participate in this project?- what kind of recipies do they publish online?- can you find an unusual recipe posted by a participant from a different country?Go to the Forum and explore it and be ready to talk about your findings in class!
All the best - see you online,Olga Ahramenco