Friday, March 27, 2009

Welcome to our Food for Thought iEARN Project

Welcome to our Food for Thought Project!
My dear EFl students! Welcome to our Food for Thought Online Project ! We will be using this blog as our common interactive space to post our best pictures, essays, recipies, videos and power point presentations. Your first task for this week will be:
1) Post an introductory message with the following information included:
- your name
- where you are from
- what your favourite food is
- why you would like to participate in this project
- any interesting hobbies or special talents

We will join many other students from around teh world to study about food as part of the iEARN community - I will register you as iEARN participants, so that you can access the Project Webpage and tell us more:- how many countries participate in this project?- what kind of recipies do they publish online?- can you find an unusual recipe posted by a participant from a different country?Go to the Forum and explore it and be ready to talk about your findings in class!
All the best - see you online,Olga Ahramenco


MaximAga said...

Hi there !
I'm Max and I'm from Moldova.
I like different food, so there are no favorite things ;)
I would like to take part in the project to know more about Moldovan cuisine and of course to improve my language skills :)
My favorite/special interesting hobby and profession is Software Development ;), so I work for a US company as a developer of financial/logistc backend systems.

Olga said...

Hi! I'm Olga Krupskaya! I'm from Moldova.
My favourite food is rice with vegetables and carntatei.
I want to participate in this project because I like food and conversation ;)
And something about me: I'm IT recruter in one strange company and I like criminal psychology very much!

Daniela Munca said...

Welcome to our online exchange! I am also from Moldova and I will be helping you out with your online collaboration. One of my students craeted a great video on Moldovan food: check it out and let me know if you like "La Placinte" or not:

olga said...

Dear, students, wellcome to our blog! This is the beginning of our long and capturing way. Hope to see you here , sharing with your ideas, dideos and photos.

Irina said...

HI. My name is Irene. I.m from Moldova. I like different food, for.ex.: meat, rice with mushrums, potateos and vevry very much sweets !!!!!!!!!!
I want to know by this project new people, other intresting things about their coutries and of course TO IMPRIVE MY ENGLISH !!!
My special intresting hobby and profession is I.m a disigner of clothers,nurce and masaje. I like swiming,dancing and cooking.

laila said...

HI I'm laila from Morocco.
As I'm Moroccan,i like Moroccan food esp the traditional ones such as "Couscous"
Anyway,i'm an EFL teacher,i'm a member in iEARN.
I like your blog and the theme of the project as well!
I'll tell my students to write and leave their comments because we have much to tell you about our rish Moroccan cuisine!
Next time i'll provide you with our school blog.

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