Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Dracula, my love" song activity

Watch this video and find 6 mistakes in the lyrics of the song:

Everybody in the country
Come along and move your body
To the rhythm of Italy,
My hommie Dracula, from Transylvania.

Hello, darling I'm Dracula, the famous King Charming
Don't, don't, don't be running
Come, let me hug you on the neck, you sexy mammy.

I hate the way you love and I hate the way you rock
I hate the way you talk, it makes me really really cold
So give me, give me your kissin' and carress
Make me, make me your Dracula contessa.

Notorious like Biggie Biggie, dangerous like Tupac
Sneakin' like a snake he'll come around and suck your tears
D to the R-A-C, U to the L to the A
Dracula my hommie, coma', comin' yo' way.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I like this song

Anonymous said...

Cute song!


Kelly said...

It’s very funny sing to me and their costume is also interesting.
I like fast, beating rhythm of this song :)

Anonymous said...

I like this song so much especial the rhythm.
“Everybody in the country. Come along and move your body”
Come one everybody to dance together. It is awesome song I never have been heard before.


恵三 said...

Pleasant song, isn't it? I hate Dracula, but the song itself amused me so much. Thank you.

jihee said...

It is nice song, but I don’t like this kind of song^^
I cannot understand such as biggie, sneakin, and hommie.
Moreover, it is so fast.