Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Online Evaluation

Electronic Evaluation of an ESL course

Dear ESL Lab and EFS 100 students - the fall semester has come to its end. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and future recommendations as a comment to this PPP. Answer to the question on the slides and post your enswers bellow - I hope that you had fun this semester and learned a lot at the same time. Have a great Chrismas break!


Alex Cao said...

I really like your class, it is very interesting and helpful. Thank you for your working.

Pauline said...

Hey Daniela, I am sorry but I cant see your power point... There is something written like if you had removed it or made it private... And I also cannot see it on slideshare i don't know what's going on... Please tell me what i can do!


dvmunca said...

If the PPP does not open, try the "View" button under it or go directly to http://www.slideshare.net/daniMD/electronic-evaluation-of-an-esl-course
but still post your evaluation on my blog.

Sofie said...

Hi Daniela!
I really find your class useful. It was good for me to meet other international students, because I don't do that in my other classes. That has improved my speaking a lot, it is always easier to talk to somebody in english who has not english as his or her first language. That is a thing I think is really positive with you as a teacher as well; you know how it is to learn a new language better than all american english teachers. Thank you for this semester, see you wednesday!

Pauline said...

Electronic evaluation

What I learn from this course?
In this course I liked doing grammar exercises and making Power Point Presentation because they made me improve my speaking.
Almost all the activities were useful to me because I am really bad in computer skills so all we learned in this class helped me to do better so I think I improved my speaking and learned how to deal with the computer and Internet.

What was difficult for me?
It was difficult to learn all the idioms because I arrived late in the semester, just during the midterm exam period so it was hard to learn all these new idioms in the same time. The teacher could have done nothing better for me because it was not her fault if things weren’t going well but because of the date I arrived.

My best presentation.
I think my best presentations were my essays (the advantages of having a car and by the time I am 100) because I really like to write and I am very perfectionist about the grammar and the vocabulary I use.
I think I would have enjoyed the Power point Presentation but the only one I made (the croissants) has been made in hurry so I am not proud of it.
Also I really enjoy the blog activity because even if mine was not really good, I am happy of having learn so many skills about computer and Internet!

Having fun in the ESL class.
The more fun activity was to create a blog because it didn’t feel like if it was a homework but more a personal activity and we were free to do whatever we wanted on it.
I was motivated to come in class because I really like to learn new languages and we studied many different categories such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing, and computer skills. Every day was a new lesson and every lesson was different!
I would recommend this class to others students because it is an interesting class which many different topics were discussed so it has never been boring.
This course was quite different from the others I took because of the number of topics and also by the fact that we often used computer and Internet to study.

Teacher evaluation.
On a scale from 1 to 5, I will give a 4.5 to my teacher because she has been interesting all the time and she taught me many things I didn’t have an idea before.
In my opinion, the Power Point Presentation were the best feature of the course because even if it can be tedious to create it, it is also very helpful to learn how to organize our ideas and it is interactive so it is different from all the papers. I am glad to have learnt how to do it because in France students often use it in universities.
As the student I am, I can’t give any advice to my teacher, she did a really good job and if I was in her shoes I don’t know what I would have done or changed in the class because I am sure I cannot do better or more interesting than she does.

Thank you Daniella for this great semester! As you can see I really enjoyed your class!

dvmunca said...

I improved a lot of computer skills and learned many things from this course. For example, I knew how to create a blog and unloaded the PPP. In addition, I liked to play the Jeopardy game and did Grammar exercise with the computer. I didn’t quickly get bored when I studied English. It motivated me to learn English continuously. Due to make a blog, I knew that it is very funny and useful to learn English with computer. Teachers also easy get feed back from the students. However, all of the projects and exercises are not so difficult to me; sometime I stuck in uploading the PPP to my blog. I spent two days to do it, but it still didn’t work. Luckily, teacher checked my blog and replied my question as soon as possible and taught me about uploading PPP step by step, it made me more clearly to understood what mistakes I did. I figured it out the problem after I asked the teacher and classmates. Computer is practical tool to learn language I thought, so I enjoyed creating a! blog and posting Slideshare which are attracting my attention because it is special, exciting. This experience is valuable to me because it might be helpful to come in useful in regular class. I believed that this course is very exciting and interesting and the students can able to learn various new skills or things. That’s why I recommend this class to other student. Moreover this teacher is amiable and earnest in teaching English, I like her so much, and I would give her 5 points to evaluate her performance in this course. I hope I could learn or know other websites which offer on-line reading or speaking by free. How can I find some kind of those resources? By the way, I would like to learn how to make game in PPP. We can get the scores when we answer the question. That’s my favorite activity. From my opinion, I think that teaching aids is very important in this course, such as computer. And playing game is more interesting than reading English books. How to make th! e students keep learn and don’t lose their interesting for learning English? I would advise that unseeing computer makes our course more easily and funny.~~~~~gabi

Kelly said...

Hi Daniela, this class is helpful to me
What I learned from this course?
From Lab class, I learned lots of things. I learned idioms, songs, making blog, using slideshare etc.
Most of all, I’m totally understand about grammar part.
Before that, I was confused with ‘wish’ and ‘if’.
But now, I’m not confused anymore. Thank you!

What was difficult for me?
Of course the grammar part was difficult for me.
If I learn it, I am little confused with it on the following day though I think I understand perfectly.
And making my blog is also little difficult for me. Because the way that make it is different from Korea. Moreover I still don’t know how to allow command…

What was your best work?
Best work…. I don’t know what my best work is.
I think I have to more study English and try to rise speaking, writing skill.

Having fun in the ESL class?
Listening American songs was interesting.
Especially I really like the song ‘hey, there Delilah’!
Also I enjoyed making blog. Posting PPP and video from youtube was fun!

karen said...

Hi daniela!
This class was very usefull for me, I deffinately improved. I like your way of teaching, you keep talking and you explain everything very clear!
It is very good that we had to do some presentations and essays, we all needed to improve that, especially speaking! That is always the hardest.
If I have to grade you as a teacher I would give you a 5, you really want your students to improve and I could see that you love teaching.

I really liked the part about famous people! All of the ppp were very interesting.

The ONLY advise I can think of, is maybe to have a sillabus in the future. I prefer working with that because then I now exactly what I have to do for the class.

You did a great job, thank you!
See you wednesday,


Keizo said...

Keizo Tadano

What I learned from this course.
I learned a lot of things.
How to use Power Point
How to make a Blog
American cultures: Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.
Grammar: various kinds of tenses
To tell the truth, YouTube and Slideshare are still difficult for me. I can’t treat them yet.
What was difficult for me
I have my own computers and used Word and Excel. But I only used them as a means of writing essays and passages. So it was very difficult for me to treat pictures: for example, even reducing and enlarging the size. So my presentations are very bad. To other students, my presentations and blogs might be very poor, but to me they are fruits of my hard work. I am very sorry I was angry every day these days. I tried to do hard but I couldn’t. Some students said using Power Point and making a blog were not so difficult, but it was true of me. To tell the truth, your classes when using computers were real pains. We had only three classes a week but I took more than five times to prepare your classes. Regarding a blog, I took some days to make such a poor blog during the holidays. From now on, if you have some students like me, please teach him carefully.
However, I don’t mean that your class is cruel. On the contrary, I am very grateful to you for your teaching earnestly. Though your class was sometimes a pain, I liked your class very much. Because you taught me various kinds of new things I have never known. You went only too fast for me in teaching them. I could improve speaking, writing, dealing with computers, and the Internet. Especially, I am very happy to learn Power Point and Blog.
My best work is everything!!
Don’t laugh! It’s from my true heart.
Teacher Evaluation
I will give you 5 confidently!!
If I am a teacher of this class, I will narrow the points I teach. For example, dealing with Power Point and making a Blog. You are trying hard to teach too many things to us. I believe that only by using Power Point, we can improve our English very well. You are too greedy!! And you are very earnest and energetic. As soon as I email you, your reply arrives.
Finally I would like to say two things.
First, you make too many spelling mistakes in your class.
Second, be careful about grades. I don’t like your showing other students’ grades on your blog. Why do you show every student grades on your blog? Do you understand the feelings of students who can’t get good grades? I believe it’s a harassment. If there is only one student who does not like his grades to be known to others, it’s a harassment. I don’t want my grades to be known to others!!
Thank you so very much for your kindness you have done for me.

Alex Cao said...

To be honest, you are one of the best teachers I have ever seen. And your class can get 98.

We made some projects on your class, but I think the best idea is to create an own blog, which helps us to communicate with others easily, and it is also a good way to show our life and favorite things to our friends.

Besides the project, we also learn a lot of grammar. It’s very important for any exam. But I feel it is lack of continuum, because we have the class every two days. That is the only disadvantage of your class.

Wish you could have a wonderful Christmas.

jana said...

Daniela, I really and honestly liked your class, and it was helpful for me. I have learned alot from your class.I thank you very much for all efforts that you gave to us. It was my pleasure to have the chance to be in your class.