Sunday, December 2, 2007

Reflection on your last project - Creating ESL Blogs

This semester is over and I am glad that all of you managed to create and share great blogs! I have had time to look at all of them and appreciate your effort and creativity:

Mohannad Last but not the Least! Your blog looks really good and I am glad that you shared with us all the essays you wrote this semester! They are really well organized and apparently everybody liked them. Good luck with your upcoming GRE exam!
Keizo - You got the most "HONEST and ACCURATE" blog! I found out a lot about you through your postings. Thank you for the suggestions for improving our ESL program! I also appreciate your accurate grammar and spelling - you spend enough time editing your posting and I can see how much your writing skills have improved. Great Job!
Nadera - I know how challenging was this activity for you, but it was worth it - You have the BEST ORGANISED blog! You have completed all the requirements and all your posts are nicely arranged. I am proud of you!
Pauline - you have the best "CROSS CULTURAL" blog - you always make comparisons between French and American culture and you share your impressions about USA in a very honest, detailed and accurate way. I am really happy you are enjoying your experience here and I hope to see you next semester in the ESL Program.
Alex - Your blog is definitely the most "MUSICAL" blog! Thank you for sharing your favourite music with us! I know you have another blog in Chinese, but the one in English is not bad at all as well.
Kelly - has the most "MEDIA-RELATED" posts: I also like Grey's Anatomy; Have you checked on their blog:
Gabi Gabi, your blog reflects your personality - it is the "FUNNIEST" blog! I liked the way you described your culture shock in USA and I enjoyed reading ALL your posts.
Ji-Hee I didn't know that Korea is the most wired nation in the world!!! Your blog was the most CONCISE one, but you still fulfilled all the requirements.

I believe you ALL worked hard for this last project, so you will all get "A" for it!

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