Thursday, March 6, 2008

The History of Bugsy Siegel and Las Vegas

You know that Bugsy Siegel was the first person to build a casino in Vegas. What else did you find out about him from this video?


Anonymous said...

in class i heard he was ganster.
In that time he has some organization.may be I think this is ganster organization. And that time LAS VEGAS has a lot of desert.
1945 after the war he said ‘American wants to party’ and he opened casino. First casino name is flamingo.
It is cowboy casino ,and it has air cooling system .In 1947 , He earned a four and half million dollars money . But few years later he gun down in his girlfriend’s house . These are what I heard in this video.
su jin yang

Anonymous said...

I like the story bacause he had a Exciting life, but for this reason he was murdered. for this gangster las vegas is famous now... franz dahmen