Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fun Facts about Niagara Falls!

Have a look at Niagara Falls, one of the most beautiful places in USA. Although they aren't the highest waterfalls in the world, the volume of the water that flows over the falls combine with their height to make Niagara Falls exceptionally spectacular. Find out who survived a trip down Niagara in barrel, how the Falls froze almost completely one year, why they "stopped" the water and what are Niagara's best attractions.
Niagara Falls at Night


hendrick said...

Hey, It is great pleasure to talk with you again... and my comment for Niagara Falls, it is amazing thing, extraordinary, wonderful, unbelievable that created from the GOD. Of course someday i must or have to go there, i never want to miss it... the last thing about that i'll try to walking under the water falls!!! Ha!Ha!Ha
Thank You


hoshin said...

hello, i am hoshin

many people see them just as a good scene, whereas some creation scientist have found the evidence of the creation in the fall.
unless i go to the fall, i must regret it.
Niagara falls is fantastic. Therefore, i want to go there to see it.
although i don't have enough money, i will go to this falss in summer vacation.

thank you

Inkyoung Yoo said...

As you know, Niagara Falls is very high ones. Therefore, no one ever try to drop down to the Falls unless someone who has very strong heart passably. Although the Falls are very high, some people survived from jumping into the Falls. On the other hand, some people died because their reckless adventurous spirit. Thus, if you want to try this, you will have to consider it very seriously. Otherwise, you might never be able to meet your folks again!!

Sus Nyrop said...

The whole area around Niagara is an amazing masterpiece by geology and nature's forces, from the last glacial period that started about 110.000 years ago, and ended a hundred thousand years later.
Cehck out wikipedia for more facts
I've visited the Horseshoe Falls from the Canadian side, taking the Amtrak train from Toronto direction New York city, and got off at the Niagara station, then with a local bus. There were rainbows all over the falls. I stayed all day, I was on my own, but togehter with thousands of other tourists. A long railway bridge connects the two states. There was a paid visit to a cave where you acually seem to stand righth UNDER the falls; they give you a cheap yellow sort of raincoat as part of your ticket. This was really worth the money. After looking at the falls from all directions, I went to see a nearby Butterfly garden which was also quite interesting.
The uptown area surrounding the nature park has been heavily developed for tourism, with entertainment and hotels; almost looking like Las Vegas at a distance. But this could not spoil the pleasures of this amazingly beautiful sight seeing.

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