Saturday, October 20, 2007

$10 million for a .... CAR??? Would it be that much if it was made out of gold?

Have a look at this car - it looks cool, but a little bit old fashioned, doesn't it? This is not a Mercedes, a Rolls Royce or even a Lamborghini, but if you want to have it you need to really empty your pockets: get ready to spend just $ 10 million! The world's most expensive car is up for sale. This Bugatti Type 41 Royale was the brainchild of Ettore Bugatti--and also a hugely expensive misstep in the history of his firm. In the 1920s, Bugatti was expecting to get a contract from the French military to build 16-cylinder aircraft engines. The contract never materialized, but Bugatti felt he could use half that engine, a straight eight, to form one of the most amazing luxury cars in history. This is still the largest engine of any car to be sold privately. Now the present anonymous owner--believed to be Japanese--has commissioned Bonham & Brooks in London to offer the Bugatti Royale for resale to anyone willing to pay the asking price.
So, what do you say - is it worth $ 10 million or not?
If you don't like this one, check on the following 10 cars - they cost much less - just around
1 192 057 USD dollars each :)


Anonymous said...

That is alot for a car! Considering the depreciation ratio for luxury cars, this won't be a good investment. But It is nice to drive such a car once in awhile :)

Karen Nijssen said...

So much money for one car. That is ridiculous. I would not dare to drive in such an expensive car!
But...I you are a big fan of this car and you have anough money...why not buy it? Do with your money whatever you want. But if I had so much money I would never spend it all on one car!:)