Monday, October 29, 2007

What a Pumpkin!!!!!

Do you want to see the BIGGEST pumpkin in the world? You should pay a visit to Joe Jutras from Rhode Island, who brought a 1689 pound pumpkin to the Topsfield Fair GPC weigh-off in Topsfield, Ma. on September 29, 2007. His new world record beat the previous world record by 187 pounds. Last year's world record holder was Ron Wallace with a 1502 pound pumpkin at the Rhode Island Weighoff on October 7, 2006.
What an awesome achievement! Can you imagine what a Jack-O'Lantern we could make out of this pumpkin?


Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh! If we do a lantern with a pumpkin like that, it will be the most scary i have never seen!


jihee said...

It is so big!! How many people can eat that pumpkin?!But it looks not delicious.kk

karen said...

Yea there would fit a lot of people in that pumpkin...To be honest with you all, i've never eaten pumpkin!! I deffinately want to try this one :)