Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Crocodile :)

Pumpkins are very popular on Halloween - people carve them, make pumpkin pies, decorate them, but none of these is even close to what a very inventive farmer from Germany accomplished. In order to attract customers and sell the pumpkins he grows on his farm, a farmer from Hartheim-Feldkirch, southwestern Germany, build a huge colourful crocodile! I guess it took him some time to put all these pumpkins together, but the result is really eye-catching, don't you think? http://fe57.news.sp1.yahoo.com/i/757


Anonymous said...

That is interesting new for me, but I thought that it is a colourful dragon,not a crocodile.


Anonymous said...

Yes it really seems to be a dragon but whatever it is, it is truly huge and colourful! it is a good idea!


Kelly said...

It looks cute !
how does the people make such a big crocodile?

Anonymous said...

I liked it very much,, I like the colours he used,, May be I;m ganna like the dragon after this,, because this one looks very cuiet and frindly,, very good job,, and very smart idea,, to attract custmors.


karen said...

Cooool, how many pumpkins did he use? It's really eye-catching :)

Nadera said...

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