Monday, October 29, 2007

Can you beat THIS record?

Do you like eating? Maybe it's time for you to join IFOCE - International federation of Competitive Eating :)

To get on the front page you just have to beat Eric Bookeran, an American competitive eater AND a rap musician who won the Entenmann's Pies Thanksgiving Invitational, consuming 4 3/8 pumpkin pies in six minutes ! Eric started his career eating ONIONS (Yuk!!!), with which he first became an eating champion. Currently Eric is a subway conductor on the 7 train in New York City. Booker also has released multiple rap albums, which he listens to while eating during his competitions :)


Anonymous said...

I don't want to be an obese gabi if I can beat to him. ``gabi

Anonymous said...

Yurk! I can't do that, I hate pumpkins!


Kelly said...

Consuming 4 3/8 pumpkin pies in six minutes! I like eating..but I don't want to be a eating champion!

jihee said...

I love pie but I don't want to eat like him. I dont wanna gain weight.