Saturday, October 20, 2007

Madonna keeps it hot! Doesn't she have enough money already ????

I used to think Hollywood and show biz is all about being young and attractive. the older you get, the less probable it is that you will be successful and attractive as an actor, singer or any celebrity - I guess I was wrong! Madonna, who is far from being in her twenties, intends to sign a $120 million recording and touring deal with live entertainment promoter Live Nation Inc. and leave her longtime record label at Warner Music Group Corp. I wish I earned $120 by the time I am 50! Doesn't she have enough already? I can sincerely say that I admire Madonna for being able to re-invent herself again and again and still be attractive and successful! I guess she is the best example for the saying: "Women are like wine - the older, the better":)


Anonymous said...

As you said: "Women are like wine, the older the better".

恵三 said...

I don't say no to Madonna's charms and her efforts to succeed. Far from it, I admire her very much. But what is celebrity? Neither fame nor wealth attract me.----"Youth is not a time of life---it is a state of mind;---Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old only by deserting their ideals.---"(by Sanuel Ullman)

恵三 said...
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dvmunca said...

Do the celebrities deserve to be so rich? I personally believe that it can vary depending on how the person becomes rich: if the person has a special talent, if the person prepared for success, if the person was just lucky or if the person was born already rich.

Whitney Houston has proved to be one of the best singers in the world. Her voice is recognized to be unique and special. She also is an African-American who came from a low income family and due to her talent she has been able to succeed.
Bill Gates on the other hand is a prepared professional with a high level of education that places him not only as the wealthiest American, but also as one of the smartest people in the planet. Thanks of his idea we have now the creation of the century that made him a millionaire.

William Hung, is in my opinion the best example that teaches you that fame sometimes is only a luck matter. This guy, a 20 years old civil engineer, gained fame in 2004 during the American Idol third season’s auditions for his bad performance of a Ricky Martin’s hit.
Now as a result of a lack of talent, he has become famous in the entire Nation. He recorded a covers album, selling approximately 200.000 copies and appeared in commercials and movies as well as in television series.

I do not think it is right for people like Paris Hilton to be as rich as she is. Her fortune was only to be born with a famous last name and now, the media made her a pop-culture product and this has helped her to be one of the most known celebrities. Even if she did not do anything significant she has obtained fame and publicity. She has also made millions of dollars in fashion; probably paying some fashion designers and just putting her name on the brands.

In conclusion, I completely support people earning the money that they receive. If you work hard, you earn a lot of money. But I do not agree with people earning money just for being a socialite and partying. There are more important things than celebrities in this world that money could go to.


Anonymous said...

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