Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Money and fame can't buy style and good taste :(

Richard Blackwell is a fashion critic, journalist, television personality, artist, and former fashion designer known internationally as Mr Blackwell. He is the creator of the Ten Worst Dressed Women list, an annual awards presentation he unveils in January of each year. He is also famous for his book: Mr. Blackwell: 30 Years of Fashion Fiascos. He was an important designer and during the 1960s he became the first in history to present his line on a television broadcast; and the first to make his line available for plus-size women. In 1960 he created the first “Ten Worst Dressed Women” and in January this year we will see who aree “the lucky” or shall I say “the unlucky” finalists. Guess who is on top five: Britney Spears and Paris Hilton fight for the first title!!!! Mr. Blackwell called them " Screamgirls" and "style-free and fashion deprived". Next on the list are Lindsay Lohan (No. 3), who went, he claims "from adorable to deplorable" – and the 57-year-old Meryl Streep, even though she played a fashionista in The Devil Wears Prada. Christina Aguilera - "All crass and no class" and Mariah Carey - who wears her clothes too tight come next. I guess money and fame can’t buy style and good taste!


Sofie said...

This is funny! I also want a job where I can prove that not even the people who are everybodys ideal are perfect... At the same time I feel sorry for them, no matter what they do, they will always be controlled and watched. A sad life I think...

Soledad Podlipnik said...

Famous people have to come up with new styles. Sometimes people like what these famous people wear, and sometimes people hate it. The important think is that they are being watched, so, if people will like the new fashion, the will earn more money, so I think is worth it to try with something different.

Kelly said...

I agree with the title- Money and fame can't buy style and good taste. but, I think a fashion sense depends on a person' taste. I feel the six women who are in the picture are good,, actually neither fantastic nor the worst.
Maybe, They- the women- also thought their clothes were nice, so they worn it!

dvmunca said...

I never dreamed about a career in the showbiz world. Maybe it is because I don’t have a huge talent, like acting or singing. But I also just don’t like the world of showbiz. Why not? There are some reasons, which I am going to try to explain.
In my opinion the whole showbiz world is too exaggerated. When something happens, even when it’s such a small thing, with a famous person, it is in all the newspapers! Why? Mind your own life! On the other hand, I understand why it is so big. It is logical because there are so many fans and that’s just how it works. But still, sometimes it is just too much and too big in my opinion. This is also one of the reasons why famous people get crazy I think. I will come to this later.

What about the money that those people earn? How do I think about that?
Just like everybody else, I think it is awesome to earn that much. I mean, buying whatever you want, who doesn’t want that? I also think that they deserve the money they earn, at least the most of the people! Like Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham and so on, they are all so good in what they do and that must be paid off. They work hard and they are admired by a lot of young kids .
So, I believe that if you really work hard for something, be the best you can be, stay who you are and not get carried away by de fame part , you deserve all the money you get. I also think that a life in the showbiz world is already hard enough! I mean, you get famous because you are talented in something, you have no choice and even if you didn’t ask for it, fame is what you get!


dvmunca said...

In my opinion The blog of Ms. Daniela Munca also makes a very good note of this. It is certainly very true that money and fame cannot buy style and good taste. Good taste is something that comes naturally. It depends on one’s personal view of things. A person cannot start thinking different because he/she attained riches or fame.
It must be certainly difficult for those people in fame to maintain a different lifestyle and live up to the expectations of so many people and certainly are bound to criticism. What seems good to them may be bad to others. So, every decision of theirs should be carefully monitored. Their freedom is at stake because of their riches and fame. They need to sacrifice some of their wishes, in view of their fame like going public, etc. Also these group of people need to have great control over their mind and thoughts so that they are not lost in their riches and lead a life in a more controlled manner to avoid criticism. Their ultimate aim should not be getting into fame or earning money but to excel in their respective fields and properly defining their goal in life. This way they might put their fame and money to use in a proper way. They must try to help out other community of people through their fame and must prove a boon to the society, thereby maintaining a balance between their personal and professional life.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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